Everything you need to know about the Den of Thieves 2

Just a few weeks after its initial release in February 2018, the action heist movie Den of Thieves has a sequel revealed. According to a new Deadline report, Gerard Butler, O’Shea Jackson Jr., and Meadow Williams will all be returning for the sequel, which will finally start filming in Europe later this spring. The movie’s title, Den of Thieves 2, has also been revealed. Jackson Jr. played Donnie, the true mastermind of the robbery, Butler played “Big Nick,” the Los Angeles detective determined to bring him down, and Williams played one of the women on Donnie’s team. The original movie focused on a heist of the Federal Reserve.

Den of Thieves 2’s Storyline:

Den of Thieves depicts Nicholas “Big Nick” O’Brien (Butler), a brave detective with the LA County Sheriff’s Department on the hunt for a vicious ring of bank thieves in Los Angeles. The fearless robbers get attempting to loot the Federal Reserve, and “Big Nick” must stop them. Den of Thieves 2 will move the action from North America to Europe and the Marseilles diamond sector. Butler was careful to withhold any additional information, although he did guarantee that Lobbin’ Bob (Bridges) and bartender Donnie (Jackson) still appear in the sequel.

After a diamond robbery went poor, Donnie (Jackson) and the erstwhile Pink Panther mafia are on the run. Nick O’Brien (Butler), who recently left LA for Europe to escape his issues, will pursue him. Gerard Butler gave us a status update on the sequel in September 2021 and revealed that it will be a more “fun, sexy voyage.” We are traveling to Europe and are looking for Donnie, who is currently in Marseille’s diamond district. Though not for you may think, I go over to find him. This trip will undoubtedly be more glitzy and enjoyable than the previous one.

Den of Thieves 2 Cast:

Only three actors have thus far confirmed that they will return for the follow-up. Along with O’Shea Jackson Jr. as Donnie Wilson and Jordan Bridges as Lobbin’ Bob, Gerard Butler will return as Detective Nicholas “Big Nick” O’Brien. Gudegast has also disclosed that they would cast fresh European actors for the sequel because a few of the cast members passed away in the first movie.

When is the debut of “Den Of Thieves 2: Pantera”?

Undetermined at the moment the projected release date for den of thieves 2 on netflix sequel. According to Butler, filming will start as soon as the launch gets set for the first quarter of 2019. We learned via Deadline in February 2022 that the sequel will now begin filming in France and Serbia in the late spring of that year. That suggests that the sequel could be complete by the end of 2022 or the start of 2023.