How to draw Painting by Numbers

Do you admire the works of Monet and Van Gogh? Do you want to try to repeat the plots of their paintings at least a little? To do this, it is not necessary to devote half of your life to learning the art of drawing and honing your skills – it is enough to buy Painting by Number To learn how to draw with it is quite simple – so even beginners who do not have any experience and skills in fine art will be able to write complex plots. Of course, the Aivazovsky beginners will have a lot of questions, so we will try to answer them and not miss anything.

How to decorate Painting by number for beginners?

Each set comes with an instruction set – therefore, it is advisable to study it first and then get to work. In addition, the kit has all the necessary elements

* Canvas stretched on a wooden stretcher.

* Acrylic paints.

* Brushes.

* Graphic diagram.

The most important rule for beginners is to fix the canvas comfortably and steadily. To do this, you can use both an easel for a painting and an ordinary table. When using the table – remove all unnecessary items, cover it with newspaper or film. Also make sure that your pets or children don’t damage the painting during your breaks. Using an easel, you can avoid all these unpleasant surprises and not worry about getting dirty during the process (table, clothes). You need to paint over the picture gradually, adhering to a certain technique, and not just start painting with paints, as it seems at first glance.

Drawing Techniques Painting by Numbers

The most commonly used 4 drawing techniques are Painting by Numbers.

From top to bottom

Many experienced lovers of such a hobby say that it is most convenient to start learning how to paint pictures using this technique. There is no need to wait for some layer to dry – therefore, you determine the time of rest and work. There is also no risk of erasing or smearing of paints – by the time you approach the bottom edge of the plot, the canvas will already be dry.

From light to dark

This technique can also be used by debutants. First, you paint over all the light parts – after all, mistakes often occur in the case of the first attempt – so it will be much easier to change the color – wait until the necessary area dries up and repaint it in the color indicated on the diagram. After painting over all the light areas, you can move on to darker ones.

From more to less

You will be able to resort to this technique, having already had some experience. After all, this technique allows you to better feel the semantic accents, correctly arrange all the nuances: shadows, highlights, add new shades.

From the center to the edges

Here it is supposed to first paint over the main image of the picture, and then move on to small details or the background of the picture. Perfect for both beginners and experienced draftsmen of paintings by numbers.

What paints are used?

Acrylic paints are put into the set as standard, because they have a number of advantages:

They dry quickly.

They have a long service life – they do not fade with time, do not deteriorate in rooms with high humidity.

They have no negative impact on the health of the human body.

How to dilute paints for Painting by Numbers?

Paints are diluted with ordinary water immediately before the drawing process. They can be bred both in a jar and in a palette – it all depends on your desire. If they have dried up a little while working– then dilute the painting paints with a small amount of water and continue the creative process after 10 minutes. Do not forget to close the paints every time you take a break – this way you will increase their operational life.

How to cover the painted picture?

To make the picture please you longer – you can cover it with acrylic varnish. To do this, the largest brush from the set is taken, but the amount of liquid must be taken small. Apply the varnish to small areas in uniform layers. After 20 minutes, the picture can be framed and hung on the wall.

How to draw correctly Painting by Number?

Just follow the diagram in the picture and one of the above techniques – and everything will work out for you! Coloring a picture by numbers is not as difficult as you think. Even in case of an error, everything can be fixed. The main thing is to try yourself in something new and develop!